Merger of Alltech Group and Allfett Solutions.


The two teams combine their know-how to unify and to better serve their clients’ needs! The experience of Allfett Solutions as a distributor installer complements the manufacturing agent expertise of Alltech Group.



Since October 1st  2019, Allfett Solutions and The Alltech Group have merged their activities to become one company.


Note that this new company now operates under Alltech Group only.



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The GL3000PMC uses an “ultra-bright” green laser to establish wing plow trailing edge location before you get there.

It enables better evaluation of distances by the operator especially in bad weather. 



The safer way to plow!

The driver of the vehicle has only to follow the laser spot projected on the road.


It is electronically designed for cold weather operation. This laser is coupled to a special heat source for the exit window to reduce or eliminate ice build-up on the front of the laser output lens. The GL3000PMC also has a unique pneumatic snow removal system incorporated with the laser housing that automatically fires a blast of air at the front of the laser lens every 5 seconds. This removes snow build-up from the laser output lens.





Cuts damage caused by plow strikes by 80 to 100%.

Less strain on the driver.

Reduces equipment down time.

It’s much safer.

Improve your DOT rating (Service evaluation).



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